German Giant Bearded Dragon Size + Care Guide

german giant bearded dragon size

In the realm of pet lizards, bearded dragons are very popular! They vary in type and size and the German Giant bearded dragon size is one of the most remarkable! In this blog post, we’ll get into what sets these bearded dragons apart including their size and care requirements, and we’ll talk about whether or …

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How Fast Can a Bearded Dragon Run? Interesting Facts

how fast can bearded dragons run

How fast can a bearded dragon run? This is yet another question about bearded dragon behavior that you might be wondering if you own a bearded dragon or if you’re thinking about owning one. Underneath their calm demeanor and seemingly gentle disposition lies a surprising secret – these cool reptiles are capable of impressive speeds. …

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Can You Hold a Bearded Dragon? Everything You Need to Know

can you hold a bearded dragon

Our bearded dragons are always a popular attraction with all of our kids’ friends, and with that often comes the question, “Can you hold a bearded dragon?” The short answer, yes! Absolutely. In fact, bearded dragons love to be held. At least, most of them. Let’s dive into the details of holding a bearded dragon including the …

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